Last night we held our K1NG of Speed event at our US centers, and we were thrilled with how many of you came out to claim the crown. This was the first K1NG of Speed competition for many of our centers, so we’re extremely happy that you all were just as excited as we were that it was coming to your center. NEW TRACK RECORDS

Some of our locations’ best racers and record holders were out in force last night so they could earn the title of K1NG, and as a result, the existing track records came crashing down at a number of our centers, and at several centers (Indianapolis, Buffalo Grove, and Ontario), the record was broken multiple times throughout the event, making it a spectacle for anybody watching on the sidelines.

Here’s are the new lap records at those centers:

Buffalo Grove : P. Bajorski, 18.117

Indianapolis : J. Vaughn, 24.627

Ontario : E. Sumpter, 24.562

Many drivers were able to smash their personal best lap times, even if it didn’t result in a new track record. At our Kingston center, all 14 participants were able to post personal best lap times! CLOSE FINISHES Some of the margins for these wins were sooo close. In Indianapolis, where the track record was broken no less than three times (!!), Jalen Vaughn beat the second-place finisher by just two-thousandths of a second (.002)! In Kapolei , Jared Tactay snatched the crown from the current track record holder, Thomas Merriman, […]

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