Gearheads and sci-fi lovers alike will ooh and ahh over Curtiss Motorcycles’ Zeus Bobber: a futuristic-looking electric motorcycle harkening back to the ancient Greek king of gods. Actually, they can do more than admire it – they can now preorder “the all-electric hot rod god,” as the company describes it on their website , for delivery in 2020. Image: Curtiss Motorcycles The Zeus Bobber is sleek, minimalistic, and looks like something that Batman would drool over. It weighs 475 pounds, can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 2.1 seconds, and boasts an electric motor that generates 190 horsepower. The bike’s target range is 280 miles, powered by a lithium-ion battery pack and a maximum torque of 145 pound-feet. As Curtiss forges ahead in the realm of electric motorcycles, the company sees both the Zeus models (the Bobber and Cafe) as the perfect motorcycles to challenge Harley-Davidson and its upcoming all-electric LiveWire.

For interested buyers, you can preorder both Zeus models today. The price is a hefty $60,000 USD, with a reservation payment of 10% ($6,000) and delivery in 2020. That’s a sizeable amount, and far more than the LiveWire , which will have a price tag of $29,799 , or even the Zero S, which is available for $10,995 . But maybe you just want to feel like a sci-fi inspired god? Then perhaps the Zeus is your hot rod. Sponsored

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