Should Big Auto invest in EVs or flying cars?

The 21st century is already two decades old. Dude, why do we still not have flying car ? Pragmatic souls might reply that, since the heyday of 1950s science fiction, we’ve come to realize that flying cars aren’t particularly practical or particularly necessary, and that we might do better to solve the problems created by the earthbound variety before creating new frontiers for traffic jams and road rage.

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Above: A vintage vision of a future with flying cars (Source: Messy Nessy )

However, pragmatism and practicality have never been humans’ strong suits, so it should come as no surprise that the dream of flying cars is still very much alive. In fact, a new study (published in Nature ) funded by a group from Ford Motors’ Research and Innovation Center in Michigan argues that, in some applications, electric flying cars could actually be greener than electric “road cars” (a new retronym in the coining?).

Hugh Hunt discusses the new paper in The Conversation , and explains that the idea that a flying car could be more efficient than a road car isn’t as crazy as it sounds at first. Flying isn’t inherently inefficient. We all know that jet airliners consume vast amounts of energy (Hunt says a […]

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