This article is about the London ULEZ (or Ultra Low Emission Zone) and the Congestion Charging Zone. Both are reducing traffic and pollution in London.

Governments, both national and local, have many options to accelerate the progress of the electric vehicle revolution. Some would come under the heading of “stick,” and some would come under the heading of “carrot.” I intend to write another article that examines all of the various possibilities, and also perhaps ask the question of why governments are not meeting their responsibilities in this area. Traffic Reduction Zones

In this article, however, I am talking specifically about one particularly effective deterrent that governments can employ. That is to introduce zones in which polluting vehicles are either banned altogether or charged a fee for the privilege of polluting. Personally, I would prefer to see a ban, but politicians are normally less bold and have to think about their electability in the next election. Certainly, wherever these zones are employed, they have a dramatic effect in reducing congestion, the total number of vehicles driving into the zone, and, of course, the resulting pollution. The Congestion Charge

In London, for over 15 years, there has already been a congestion charge, which applies to most vehicles between certain times on certain days within the defined congestion charging zone. That system uses cameras linked to artificial intelligence systems to read the number plates of vehicles moving within the zone, in order to create a charge record for the vehicle. Drivers entering […]

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