Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel was the first to cross the finish line on Sunday at the 2019 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix , held at Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. However, a 5-second penalty meant his victory would ultimately go to Mercedes-AMG’s Lewis Hamilton, meaning the German team’s winning streak this season continues unabated.

The stewards deemed that Vettel was given an advantage after he ran off the track at Turn 4 on lap 48 and rejoined in such a way that it subsequently forced Hamilton, who was chasing Vettel at the time, to slam his brakes or risk running into a wall.

The race continued without any holdup and Hamilton was able to hold on to cross the finish line in second place, within five seconds of Vettel, which meant he was granted the win. Ferrari’s other man, Charles Leclerc, finished third.

Vettel was naturally furious with the decision and Ferrari has submitted its intention to appeal the decision. The team has 96 hours to gather evidence and decide if it will go ahead with an appeal. The fans were on Vettel’s side and cheered him on at the end of the race when he swapped a sign showing his second-placed result with Hamilton’s first-placed sign at the award ceremony.

2019 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix

Hamilton later said he was grateful for the victory but didn’t feel good about the result.

Ferrari had been strong all weekend, with Vettel in particular proving the performance of the team’s car with a pole on Saturday […]

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