Revived EV brand Fisker has a 300-mile SUV in the works for a 2021 launch. The company on Thursday released a new teaser shot and confirmed a debut for December.

Fisker also said it was in the final stages of selecting a production site for the SUV, which the company has previously said will be priced to start below $40,000. At this price point, the Fisker will be a direct rival to the Tesla Model Y , which is due in the second half of 2020.

The latest teaser reveals a vehicle with a very different design to the EMotion sedan Fisker presented in 2018 . There are sharper lines and an indicator lamp mounted in the C-pillar, a design that Fisker said will help improve safety.

An earlier teaser showed the front of the SUV and revealed a somewhat similar design to the EMotion, as both vehicles integrate their sensors for electronic driver aids with the grille. Both will also support massive wheels: up to 22 inches in diameter for the SUV and up to 24 inches for the sedan.

Teaser for Fisker electric SUV

The SUV will be powered by a dual-motor system (one at each axle) and have a target range of 300 miles. Conventional lithium-ion technology will be used for the battery, though Fisker is developing its own solid-state battery and may make a switch later in the product cycle.

Fisker has previously said the SUV is one of three “affordable models” on the drawing board. The other two […]

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