Who made a new appearance as a pitchman for gas guzzlers?

What company says gas and diesel engines will live on for decades —even as it pulled forward plans to build more electric cars?

This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports —for the week ending June 28, 2018.

Beginning with Tesla models delivered Monday, tax credits on the cars will drop to $1,875 .

As battery supplies across the electric-car industry tighten, reports have emerged that Tesla is working to develop its own in-house batteries . A Volkswagen executive says that while the company may be in constant negotiations for battery supplies for its new electric cars going forward, its supplies are secure through 2023 .

VW ID family

And as the European Union is on the cusp of implementing the world’s toughest greenhouse-gas emissions laws, European carbuyers are turning increasingly to big, less-efficient SUVs and vans . In the U.S., regulations are trending the other way, with the Trump EPA rolling back the Obama administration’s efforts to reduce global-warming. And compounding the concern is that Americans are driving more . On Capitol Hill, lobbying efforts to extend the federal electric-vehicle tax credit are pitting traditional allies in the auto and oil industries against each other. The architect of many of those regulatory rollbacks, EPA Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation Bill Wehrum announced his resignation . Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Kicking Gas’ electric car campaign Perhaps one thing that […]

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