By putting the price upfront, Arc Vector wants to remove any potential confusion around this electric motorcycle (e-motorcycle). The performance, like the price, will be wild. Although I’ve seen more than my fair share of extravagance, my first question is, is this thing wilder than the already insane Lightning Motorcycle LS218 ? If so, then the Arc Vector electric motorcycle is going to be thunderous! £90,000 for a zero-emission electric café racer is not your everyday, garden-variety electric bike, even less so with news that only 399 will be built. And to prove that Arc Vector is real, it will spin its wheels for the first time in public at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 4–7 July and tackle the famous international hill climb.

Arc Vector is showing off its production-ready e-motorcycle there and then wants to start delivering customer orders sometime next summer. In the meantime, you can wait patiently and simulate the Arc Vector with its virtual reality–enabled (VR) Vector.

Following Goodwood Festival of Speed, a third prototype will be shown at the upcoming Michelin Supercar Paddock. Electric Arc Vector Motorcycle at the Goodwood Festival

Why the Goodwood Festival of Speed? The international event is about speed in any shape or form. This is where the Arc Vector will show the rigidity of its carbon monocoque battery module, which the rider can monitor through the connected heads-up display helmet and a bespoke jacket with haptic motors.

The company says it is intent on providing a legacy-free platform of […]

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