This article continues our series on an electric van road trip around Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe (with a gang of motorcycles on the flanks and sometimes in the van). See the first two articles here and here . Translations by Jacek Fior . When we left off, we said there was no point in talking about plans, and apparently we were right. Time flew by and finally we can share more stories from the epic trip to Sicily in an electric van. In this segment, we are waking up at a campsite in Sorrento — beautiful weather and a magnificent view of Mount Vesuvius rising 40 km away. We went past it in the dark last night on the other side of the Gulf of Naples. The previous three days were mostly wasted on our futile attempts to repair the gasoline motorcycle instead of moving forward in our comfortable e-NV200 electric van. We had hundreds of kilometers to make up. After a quick breakfast, we set off along the coast. After about an hour, we arrived in Amalfi, stunningly located on coastal cliffs, and after trying really hard we found not a single parking spot. We rolled on. However, the slow traffic of winding roads in the mountains did not help in trying to gain more distance. Near Salerno, we decided to turn to the Italian mainland and use toll highways, where most fast chargers are located. The road kept climbing and the temperature kept dropping, from 22 […]

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