In a Twitter exchange I had today with Mike Levine, North America Product Communications Manager for Ford, he revealed that Ford would be announcing details of a partnership with Volkswagen’s Electrify America charging subsidiary. Below is the Twitter exchange as well as some extra commentary. While details are non-existent at this point, at least directionally this is good news for current and future buyers of Ford EVs. What also isn’t clear is if the arrangement with Electrify America resulted from the recent conversations and partnership between Volkswagen and Ford around autonomous vehicle technology and the MEB platform .

The brief back and forth on Twitter with Levine began when I commented on his Tweet to Jalopnik: This led to a thread and some comments from me about Ford’s US electric vehicle plans and ended with Levine’s Electrify America comment.

Now, some of you are probably saying: “But anyone can access the Electrify America charging network. Why is this news?” And on the one hand, you would be correct. But on the other hand, I believe it is proof of a growing recognition by the automakers of what a competitive advantage Tesla has currently with its Supercharger and Destination Charger networks.

On Friday (July 11) Electrify America (EA) announced a partnership with Harley-Davidson to provide future owners of the LiveWire electric motorcycle access to the EA network and various charging benefits. And while pure speculation at this juncture, the Harley-Davidson announcement likely provides a template and insight into what the Ford and Electrify […]

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