A couple of years ago, Nicolas Zart interviewed one of the few owners of an AC Propulsion tzero and explained the history of the transformative tzero for CleanTechnica readers. I recently ran across the article and decided it was ripe for a reprint. Enjoy! —Zach Once upon a time — a long, long time ago — an amazing little unknown Californian company filled with electrical geniuses and two men heading the team, President Tom Gage and Founder Alan Cocconi, revolutionized the automotive world.

The problem is that little to no mainstream news covered their incredible work, nor highlighted the importance their research would yield on the future of transportation. This love of electricity and controllers led them to design a radical two-seat electric bomb called the tzero .

The AC Propulsion tzero was so intense that it drew the attention of Californian entrepreneur Martin Eberhard. And, thus, the history of the rebirth of the electric vehicle (EV) was rekindled again when he created Tesla Motors. Don’t gasp. Take deep breaths … that’s just one of the stories behind the company, which has 5 founders — Elon Musk , JB Straubel , Ian Wright , Martin Eberhard , and Marc Tarpenning . AC Propulsion tzero, The Godfather of Modern EVs

If you had to write a book on the history of the rebirth of the modern EV, the AC Propulsion tzero would stand prominently in the pantheon as the EV that restarted it all. It came from AC Propulsion, a unique company […]

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