Ford is working on a small SUV with rugged looks and off-road capabilty to rival the Jeep Renegade. We first received confirmation of the new SUV in early 2018 and now a prototype has been spotted.

With a new Bronco on the way to join it in a two-prong challenge against Jeep, many have started calling the new small SUV the baby Bronco. Rumors point to the name Adventurer, although Maverick, Timberline or Bronco Scout might end up as the vehicle’s actual name if recent trademark activity is anything to go by.

But the baby Bronco and Bronco will be quite different in philosophy. While the Bronco will be based on the rugged body-on-frame platform of the Ranger mid-size pickup truck, the baby Bronco will be twinned with the latest Ford Escape . This means the car-like unibody platform known as C2.

The prototype is heavily camouflaged but we already know what the baby Bronco looks like thanks to a leaked photo that surfaced last November . The photo was taken during a dealer presentation.

2020 Ford baby Bronco leaked via

It shows a vehicle that clearly recalls the original Bronco of the 1960s, with perfectly round LED lights and the Ford nameplate spelled out across the grille. The side profile is characterized by a nifty shoulder line that moves up from the rear passenger door handle to the window.

It isn’t clear what Ford has planned for the powertrains but you can count on some, if not all, of the same […]

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