As cool as the Hoversurf Hoverbike is, the company is now working on another electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air vehicle, the Hoversurf Formula. There are bigger ambitions for the latter. Who Needs MTV When We Have Electric HoverSurf Bikes & The Hoversurf Formula?

Seriously now, how much fun would it be saying goodbye to colleagues as you make your way up the elevator to your eVTOL commuter, watching them go down road congestion hell while you go toward the sky? And as cool as a flying electric motorcycle is, HoverSurf is now going after the eVTOL challenge with a 4 to 6 passenger payload and 100 to 400 miles of range, or even further depending on its flight configuration. From a flying electric bike to an air taxi, the Hoversurf Formula is a larger eVTOL aircraft matching those of Pipstrel , Embraer , and others in the industry. This electric aircraft uses no less than 52 fixed fans with folding wings to extend its flight range. The Formula is configured in 2 rows of 6 fans on both sides of the passenger compartment in front and in back. Altogether, 48 fans are used for lift, with the remaining 4 larger fans behind the passenger module only used in cruise mode.

Instead of using a traditional turboshaft, HoverSurf opted for a turbine and alternator configuration. It developed its own free-piston engine (FPE) Venturi fans , which you can see below. The HoverSurf Formula eVTOL Venturi Effect

Its patented “Venturi […]

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